Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm Back

Phew, its been awhile since I have posted. A few people have gotten after me so here I am. Tah dah. First of all Ive really just been busy. Bust doing what you say, hmmmm really just the same old thing. I work on some silver pieces then I torch, and torch and torch some more. I absolutely love glass. I love the whole process of melting and winding and adding colors and the list could go on.

You know when you like something so much you just cant get enough, that its almost an obsession. Well guess what glass and flame is an obsession for me. There I admitted it. Its not that everytime I sit at the torch and make beads that I make something so great I just cant wait for the world to see it. Nope not even close. There are so many beads that nobody but me and my dear sister see. You see all my uglies go to my sister and she puts them in her garden. Wow and I tell you she thinks she has a real treasure there. But my point I am trying to make is I love glass so much because every single time I learn and experience something new. Thats why I am addicted.

That is also why I lose time and forget to post on this blog. I normally torch everyday for 8-14 hours. bwhahaha Now do you get it. Yup you would think that I would have a zillion beads to sell, but I dont. I am very picky, plus if I just dont care for the set I made nope it doesnt go for sale. Sure someone else could just love it, but I dont so off to my sisters collection. I also live on a beautiful acerage surrounded by forest so I throw alot of beads into my forest.

Maybe some day along time from now someone will dig them up and say my god they sure didnt have talent back them, or do you think this artist was blind.hahha I dont know but it makes me feel good to do it. Like leaving something of me behind.

So there in short is really why I havent gotten back to this blog. Be patient with me and my glass addiction and I will try harder to post more regular.

Smiles to everyone! Jen


angelinabeadalina said...

The flame can be quite a satisfying addiction, can't it?? You know the secret, too! Every minute spent melting the glass is valuable, whether or not you like the end result!
I torched those long days when I first started, much to the dismay of my family, so I had to cut back. Still, if I could be a hermit after my children are grown, then I would torch from the early morning until late afternoon and spend the rest of the day fiddling around with junk and learning to weld and experimenting with this and that :)

Sweetwater Designs said...

I had to smile at your sister and her garden. My sister has my uglies in a bowl on her table..she treasures them too.
What good sisters..haha ♥